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Everyone comes together at the Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo. Establish or build your exposure within the industry by meeting important individuals. Get to know each other and build up your business with our great networking opportunities.



To help make the Expo as accessible as possible, the Texas Food & Fuel Association is sponsoring free admission to the Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo for 2024.

EXPO Attendee Profile

The following primary business categories can register and attend the Expo for FREE.

If a registration is submitted with an incorrect attendee type the registration may be updated to meet our registration categories and a registration fee may be applied.

This is done in an effort to protect the integrity of both the show and your company.

• C-Store Retailer

Owns, operates, or is employed by c-store – retail only

• Petroleum Marketer/C-Store

Owns/operates c-store(s) or engaged in petroleum distribution and marketing – wholesale and retail only

• Petroleum Marketer/Wholesale

Supplies motor fuels on a wholesale basis to commercial, industrial and/or retail – wholesale only

• Grocery/Supermarket/Specialty Stores

Owns, operates, or is employed by grocery store/supermarket/specialty stores – retail only

• Grocery Wholesalers

A company that buys food and non-food products from manufacturers and resells them to convenience and grocery retailers

• Major Oil Company

Petroleum refiner and marketer

• Spouse

Of a qualified buyer attendee already registered

*Non-Exhibiting Suppliers and Vendors are welcome. Registration fees will apply.

If your company manufacturers products for/or provides services to convenience or grocery retailing outlets and/or the petroleum industry you are classified as a Non-Exhibiting Vendor and will have to register as one and pay $2,500.00 per person to attend the Expo.

*If you are a distributor/agent/salesperson needing to register “thru” a current exhibitor, please contact them to register you.


Expo Attendee


Access to the Expo (Wed & Thur)


Lunch in Expo Hall (Wed & Thur) 

Registration is mandatory to attend the show.

Non-Exhibiting Vendor


Access to the Expo (Wed & Thur)


Lunch in Expo Hall (Wed & Thur) 

This registration is for a company that manufactures and sells products or services for convenience, grocery or retailing outlets, and/or the petroleum industry not currently exhibiting in the Expo.

75th Anniversary
Reception & Casino Party


Includes (2) Drink Tickets

Event held Tuesday, June 25

7:00 - 10:00 PM

$75 for Members of the Texas Food & Fuel Association
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